About CWP

CWP is a leading renewable energy developer with expertise across the full project lifecycle. We develop, manage, and own projects with demonstrated success. Using our proven approach to follow each project from inception to full operation, we ensure genuine engagement with all stakeholders at each stage of development. Our mission is to improve the environment for current and future generations by leading the transition to renewable energy.

What makes us different

We embrace scale. Scale supports economics and leads to high impact that transforms economies, raising living standards and offering opportunity to local and regional communities.
From developing the largest wind farm in Europe to the largest power projects on earth destined to drive the hydrogen age. We set ourselves bold targets and then deliver.

We are agile, flexible, and innovative. Our agility gives us an early entry advantage, while our our pursuit of innovation allows us to market leaders and create development value. We are early adopters of new technology and pioneers of new business models.
Our flexibility allows us to be adaptable to the needs of communities and to work easily with partners of like mind and commitment.

We have a structure and a culture that encourages true empowerment and teamwork. We have been selective in choosing people suited to work within this framework. The right people, with appropriate management guidance, flourish in this kind of environment.

Ultimately a company's value is the collective value of the people within the company and the way they work together. We take pride in the culture we have created at CWP.

We leverage our resources extremely well through partnership with others - others much larger than ourselves. Put simply, we work well with others and our partnerships stand as testimony to that. We are flexible and forthright and focused on alignment and delivery.
In the fast pace of the modern world and the ambitions that we have for our contribution to the task ahead of the rapid decarbonizating of the planet, we recognise we can only do this through partnership and alignment of objectives with others that can contribute. Our partners stand proudly with us in claiming our achievements.

Our community engagement focus starts at the outset of development. We are involved in the entire lifecycle of projects from initial idea to full operations so we engage with the local community as long term partners. Respect and flexibility drive our relationships as well as a commitment to positive social impact.
In our projects to date we have led the field in community relations and in addition to being recognised through sector awards have contributed our model to a successful templates that has been adopted by the industry. Our safety record in the renewables sector in Australia is industry leading.


The work that CWP does,
and the story behind it.


CWP established to develop large scale renewables projects in Central and Eastern Europe.


PostScriptum Ventures established to invest in innovative technology and disruptive business models, with a particular focus on the ongoing revolution of the energy sector.


CWP enters Australia and starts develpoment of NSW’s largest wind portfolio.


CWP starts developing projects in Serbia, Bulgaria, and Croatia.


The 600MW Fântânele-Cogealac project (the largest onshore wind farm in Europe) is fully operational.


The Boco Rock Wind Farm, CWP Renewables’ first Australian project, begins operation.


Development of the Asian Renewable Energy Hub in Western Australia began.

Nov 2018

The 270 MW Sapphire Wind Farm with 75 of Australia’s tallest turbines begins commercial operation.


The Grassroots Renewable Energy Platform is established in partnership with Partners Group.

Jan 2019

CWP Europe established to restart full-scale development in SEE with the goal to deliver a large, diversified portfolio from 2024/5 onwards.


Cibuk Wind Farm in Dolovo, Serbia and the largest utility-scale commercial wind project in Serbia with 57 wind turbines begins commercial operation.

Aug 2019

The 244 MW (46 X GE 5.3 MW turbines) Bango Wind Farm in NSW reaches Financial Close, expected COD in early 2022.


Offices established in Argentina, Morocco and Namibia, where projects will be developed on large areas of non-arable land with exceptional wind and solar resource.

Oct 2020

Significant project milestones were achieved for the Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH) in October 2020.

Nov 2020

Grassroots Renewable Energy and CWP Renewables (CWP) merge to form one of the largest independent renewable energy power producers in Australia.

Oct 2021

Mercuria and CWP join forces to build 2GW of renewables in Southeast Europe.