Our projects aim to deliver long-term positive impact for the communities around them, and we always partner with the local stakeholders to ensure this objective. Transparency and engagement are critical to our success; getting the community on-board and excited about decarbonizing their towns and cities, and helping them build infrastructure which will benefit them well into the future.

As a result of our cooperation with our local communities, we have been awarded multiple awards for community engagement.

We make renewable energy accessible and affordable to communities, while engaging in strong community programs

CWP works closely with the local communities within which we are active. This include landowners, community members, advocacy groups, Councils and local business owners.

Our aims are to:

  • Establish a strong network of positive, long-term relationships within the communities in which we work
  • Stay attuned and respond to community needs wherever possible
  • Contribute to community growth – creating value and opportunity
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment across the life of the asset
  • Ultimately make renewable energy accessible to more communities across the world.

How do we do this?
Most of all, we think global and long-term, but act local and always consider our everyday impacts.