CWP Renewables (Australia)

CWP Renewables is on a mission to transform Australia’s energy landscape. It has realized 760 MW of renewable energy projects, with another 2.5 GW currently under development. We have pioneered new business models such as corporate PPAs, value-enhancing merchant trading strategies, hybridization, and more. Originally established by CWP in 2008, CWP Renewables is now a joint venture between CWP and Partners Group.

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CWP's impact and innovation in Australia

CWP founded CWP Renewables in 2008 with the ambition to transform the Australian energy landscape. Through perseverance, hard work and a strong vision for a green energy future, CWP Renewables successfully developed and built a pipeline of some of Australia’s largest wind farms, before expanding to solar and battery storage projects as well. Our business agility and spirit of innovation drove the development of pioneering business models and the execution of corporate PPAs with many of Australia’s leading businesses and institutions.

Buoyed by this success, CWP and Partners Group, one of the world’s largest private infrastructure investment firms, formed the Grassroots Renewable Energy Trust in 2018, with the ambition to create the largest renewable energy portfolio in Australia. CWP committed the mature part of its renewables portfolio, 1.2 GW in total, while Partners Group committed to invest over $700m AUD in equity to build out CWP’s projects.

In late 2020, we took a step further by merging CWP Renewables with the Grassroots Renewable Energy Trust, creating a multi-billion-dollar integrated renewables company that now operates under the name CWP Renewables, in which CWP retains a minority position.

The CWP Renewables 2 GW diversified energy portfolio consists of wind, solar and battery assets that contribute to Australia’s main-grid National Electricity Market (NEM), and aims to deliver cheap electricity to corporate and government clients without a cost to the environment. The portfolio includes the 270 MW Sapphire Wind Farm, the largest operational wind farm in New South Wales, with plans to soon add 180 MW of solar and 30 MW of lithium-ion battery storage.

By combining wind, solar and, in some cases, battery storage at the portfolio level, we are building the capacity to firm up intermittent renewable energy resources to ensure secure and stable green energy supply.

CWP Renewables continues to operate in the spirit in which it was founded, respecting the values that continue to drive CWP to this day: integrity, agility and innovation.