Our Projects

CWP has successfully developed, financed and built numerous projects totaling 1,525 MW and $4 billion of investment, and is currently developing projects with a combined capacity of over 2,000 MW in Europe through CWP Europe and 2,000 MW in Australia through CWP Renewables. In addition, CWP’s green hydrogen pipeline currently includes 6 projects on 3 continents and over 140 GW of planned wind and solar capacity.

Explore our landmark projects

Grassroots Renewable Energy Platform

CWP and Partners Group, one of the largest private markets infrastructure investment managers, formed the Grassroots Renewable Energy Trust in 2018 with the ambition to create the largest renewable energy portfolio in Australia. CWP committed the mature part of its development portfolio, 1.2 GW in total, while Partners Group committed to invest over $700m AUD in equity to build out CWP’s projects.

In late 2020 we took a step further and merged CWP Renewables with the Grassroots Renewable Energy Trust, creating a multi-billion-dollar integrated renewables company that now operates under the name CWP Renewables, and in which we retain a minority position. The 2 GW diversified portfolio consists of wind, solar and battery assets in Australia’s National Electricity Market, and aims to deliver cheap electricity to our corporate clients without a cost to the environment. By combining wind, solar and, in some cases, battery storage at the portfolio level, we firm up intermittent renewable energy resources.

Sapphire Renewable Energy Hub

270MW wind

165MW solar

35MWh battery storage

A unique project –  the largest of its kind in Australia – that will utilize the wind and solar resources available on the site simultaneously. Located near Glen Innes in New South Wales, the first phase of the project, the Sapphire Wind Farm, finished construction in November 2018. As the largest wind farm in NSW, the Sapphire Wind Farm has helped the ACT government achieve its target of 100% renewables by 2020 by providing a long term power purchase agreement.

The second phase of the project is what distinguishes it as the largest of its kind in Australia; with a planned 200MW of solar and storage to be developed, this will be a significant step on the path to firm renewable power. The project is expected to begin construction in late 2020, with completion of construction in late 2021.

Fântânele-Cogealac Wind Farm

600MW wind

The first major success for CWP Renewables, with a total capacity of 600MW and €1.1 billion secured in investment, this is the largest onshore wind farm in Europe.

Developed by CWP over 3 years and then construction managed by CWP over 4 years, this landmark project set records in the industry. It was the largest private investment ever in Romania and remains the largest onshore wind farm in Europe today.

The monumental project comprises 240 GE 2.5xl wind turbines, the largest single order of wind turbines in General Electric’s history. The project is now owned by CEZ.

Dobrotich Wind Farm

520 MW wind

The Dobrotich Wind Farm is a large scale renewable energy project which will provide enough electricity to power around 440,000 homes and abate 1,350,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

It will also bring economic benefits to the local communities and Varna region, including over 200 new jobs.

The Dobrotich Wind Park will assist the Bulgarian government in achieving its commitment to the European Commission of attaining 27% renewable energy in the energy mix by 2030.

Asian Renewable Energy Hub

26 GW wind and solar

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is one of the most exciting energy projects in the world, with the potential to address key energy security and emissions reduction challenges facing Australia’s regional neighbours. It will create significant new manufacturing opportunities in Western Australia and will generate cheap clean power for the Pilbara region. Cheap clean energy will enable new and expanded mines, downstream mineral processing, and large scale production of green hydrogen products for domestic and export markets.

The scale of the project will enable the creation of new supply chain facilities for the manufacturing and assembly of equipment for wind and solar generation and for hydrogen production, which would create new, local, high value jobs. Approximately 20,000 jobs would be created during the 10 year project construction period, with 3,000 jobs created for the 50+ year operational period.

Vetrozelena Wind Farm

300 MW wind

The Vetrozelena Wind Farm in Vojvodina is CWP’s second such project in the region, following the Čibuk I project, and will become one of the largest wind farms in Serbia.


150 MW Solar

The Solarina solar park will be the largest solar powerplant in Serbia, with its 150 MW capacity providing clean electricity directly to the grid.

Other Realized Projects

Sapphire Wind Farm

270 MW, New South Wales, Australia

Crudine Wind Farm

135 MW, New South Wales, Australia

Boco Rock Wind Farm

113 MW, New South Wales, Australia

Čibuk 1 Wind Farm

158 MW, Dolovo, Serbia